Extension board, speed-regulating device FPD1, hal

Best.-Nr. 300.10996

The additional module is provided with a half-wave controlled speed-regulating module, which is controlled by the SCHNEID module regulator. The speed will be regulated in ten steps from 0% to 100% by switching off any number of half-waves of each semi-conductor relays. The frequent switching-on is executed always in the voltage zero passage, whereas the switching-off is executed in the current zero passage. This results in a harmonic speed behavior and a long life since voltage surges can be prevented. The speed module is predominantly used for regulating small one-phased ventilators and pumps. The loading capacity of the output is limited to 5A. The maximum performance of the connected motor should be not more than 300VA (taking into account the starting current).

Design for the assembly of the switch cabinet´s cap rail
Delivery with two cables:
– 1 x for MR06, 16-pin
– 1 x for MR07/08, 10-pin
Dimensions: 50x100x70mm (WxHxD)

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